Outlook Duplicates Remover

Tool to Remove Duplicate Emails from Outlook Application Files

  • Remove Duplicate items such as Emails, Contacts, Calendar, Journals, Task of PST File.
  • Provide feature to remove duplicates items within the Folder and Across folder.
  • Remove Duplicates Emails, Contacts from multiple PST files in Batch.
  • Remove Duplicates of Both PST Format: ANSI & UNICODE
  • Software supports Outlook 2016 & all below Versions.
  • Outlook Duplicate Remover supports Windows 10 (32-bit & 64-bit) and below Versions.
  • Installation of MS Outlook Application necessary to Remove Replicate items.

Outlook email duplicate remover

outlook duplicate remover software

Windows 10 support

Support Outlook 2016

Outlook 2016

Windows Support

32/64 Bits Support

outlook duplicate remover software

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Key Features of Outlook Duplicates Remover

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Remove Batch Duplication

The Outlook Duplicate Remover allows user to remove Duplicate Outlook PST files items such as Emails, Contacts, Tasks details. A user can add multiple PST files to a folder and select it to remove duplicates items.

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Remove Duplicate Emails from Outlook PST File

Outlook Duplicates Remover freely allows a user to select an option to remove duplicates items such as Emails, Calendar, Notes Journal and contact of PST files of Outlook. Outlook duplicate contact remover easily deduplicates contacts within and across folders.

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Options to Remove Duplicates

Outlook Duplicates Remover Options:

  • Remove Duplicates within the Folder: With the help of this feature, a user can remove depude emails, contacts, journal items within the folder.
  • Remove Duplicates across the folder: Depude Emails Items across Folder

PST File Duplicate Remover store data in new folder

Store in New Folder

After deleting duplicates Emails from PST File, a user can store the resulted PST file into New Location. A user can even create a New Folder in the desired location in the configured system to store files in it.

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Show Deduplication Status

After selecting PST files for data deduplication, the Outlook PST Duplicate Remover will display the status of selected PST files. Even software show status of progress status of completion.

PST File Duplicate Remover show status report

Lists Files with Attributes

After adding PST files in software, Outlook Duplicates Remover will display PST file attributes such as File name, file path, status, no of duplicates found.

Outlook Duplicates Remover - A Close Insight!

The Software is used to remove duplicate file items from PST files and store them in a new file. Duplicate email remover can remove different types of file items of Outlook PST Files such as emails, calendar, contacts, notes, and journal etc.

Since Software supports Latest 2016 & all below Version Outlook PST File, Hence without any issue, an Outlook user can remove duplicate of PST File. Both formats file of such as PST ANSI and UNICODE extension are easily accepted by software and deduplicate element without any loss of important data. As there is no size limitation of PST files, So, a user can remove Outlook items from large size PST files. It deletes duplicate from PST files in batch files also.

Need of Outlook Duplicates Remover Tool

Sometimes are many junk contacts or similar contacts stored in pst files, or a specific mail stored in mailbox multiples times, due to which user not able to work on the original file. Dealing with Duplicates items can be frustrating and similar calendar event generates unnecessary alerts. Duplicate Emails with large attachments files can make the outlook performance slower.

System Specification

  • Microsoft Outlook(32-bit) should be installed and configured for a valid or dummy POP3 profile (Not Configured for Exchange).

Demo Limit

  • Remove Duplicates from 15 Items / Folder.

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Duplicates Remover Tool Replies All Doubts & Queries!

There is No file size limitation in Outlook Duplicate Email Remover. Software support any file size of PST file to remove duplicates.
No, doesn't change original file content of PST file. Rather it creates a new PST file at destination location selected by the user.
Yes, Outlook should be installed properly on the machine and configured of two profiles: POP3 or dummy profile..
No, Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool used to remove duplicate emails from the PST Files. For this situation, you can use Outlook Attachment Extractor tool.

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