PST Finder

PST Finder Tool is most widely used Software which Finds Outlook PST files within same Network Domain.

  • Find and list all Outlook Personal Storage files within the Network Group
  • Copy & Save Searcher PST files using Outlook Finder
  • MS Outlook installation required to find PST Files
  • Display list of all types of PST File: ANSI OR UNICODE
  • Username & Password credentials required to Find PST files
  • Display attribute of Searched PST Files in the Network domain.

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Windows 10 support


Outlook 2016

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32/64 Bits Support

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100% Safe & Secure

Elementary Characteristics of PST Finder Tool

Search MS Outlook Files

Find MS Outlook PST Files: Outlook PST Finder helps the user to find PST files present in Exchange Server machine. Network PST Finder can find PST file on a single machine as well as all machine under the same domain. You can select any machine to find pst files.

maintain structure

List PST files Of a Domain

To list the PST files under exchange server, username and password are necessary for each machine. These details are necessary to list all the PST files.

show progress report

Display List Attributes

PST Finder Software display pst files as a list and show details of attributes related to PST Files. Details of outlook file are machine name, the size of pst files in GB, file path.

save file in desired location

Copy & Save PST file in Desired Location

User can select the desired location to store the resulted pst files of different machine and save them on the local system or create a separate folder to store it.

Save CSV report

Save Export Report

User can select the desired location to store the resulted pst files of different machine and save them on the local system or create a separate folder to store it.

User friendly Interface

User Friendly Interface

Simple and User-friendly Window panel interface, So that user can find, locate & copy PST with the help of Network PST Finder. Hence, it can be used by both technical as well as the nontechnical type of users.

PST Finder - A Close Insight!

PST Finder Tool is used to Find and Save PST file machine under the same network of Exchange Server. The Outlok finder can provide facility to find Outlook pst files of specific drives also or all drives, by providing the right credentials of the machine of which user want to find PST files. PST Finder locate both file versions ANSI OR UNICODE of Outlook and can list both the files after search process.

User can save the details of the search result in CSV format for later use and save listed pst file in the desired location, a user can select the save option to store it.

Need of Outlook PST Finder Tool

A PST Finder helps a user to search all PST File under a network domain, Since sometimes user need to work on PST Files stored on a different machine but under the same network. To solve these kinds of issue and store listed PST File in the safe location, you can go for PST finder tool. A software can search all drives or specific drives according to user need.

Demo Limit

  • Find and View PST files of Exchange Server of Same Network Domain.

system requirement

Watch Outlook PST Finder Process Through Video


Outlook PST Finder Tool Replies All Doubts & Queries!

No, the user should know the domain credentials and should have full admin rights on the network to use PST Finder software.
Yes, Software can search both types of files ANSI or UNICODE PST files.
After searching PST files within network group, software preview the details such as machine name, file path on the machine, file size etc. To see details later, user can store this information in CSV format.
To find OST file in same Network Domain,user can buy OST Finder Utility.
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